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Get your own Backstage

Adopt an optimized Backstage distro as an Internal Developer Platform quickly deployed as your own Developer Portal in minutes.

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Backstage adoption is challenging, since it requires coding and non-trivial configuration to make it work even on simple setups.

We speed up onboarding of developers by helping them install it (although they can do it on their own);

We help you configure it to your needs - enabling your cloud-native transformation in a short time and budget;

Observability by design - templates will generate dashboards for each project;

We even support it, whether you run your own instance in the cloud or inside your datacenter;

Try it yourself, right now and for free

Take your coding to a new level of efficiency with VeeCode Platform

APIs Catalog

APIs Catalog :The catalog of APIs offered by VeeCode Platform allows developers to access a wide range of resources to create innovative applications.

Software Templates

Software Templates :Our variety of software templates streamlines the creation process and accelerates application development.

Observability Dashboards

Observability Dashboards :Our advanced observability dashboards allow developers to monitor and analyze the performance of their applications.

Platform Engineering

Platform Engineering :Our Platform Engineering approach provides a robust environment for application development and deployment, empowering engineering teams to create high-quality products collaboratively.

API Management

API Management :With advanced API Management capabilities built-in, it offers ideal tools to efficiently manage, monitor and optimize your APIs.