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Privacy Policy

Date: August 24th, 2022

VEE CODE PLATFORM is responsible for always seeking to protect your privacy, based on the respect it has with its customers and suppliers, and as part of this responsibility, any information received or collected is always treated as confidential and will not be disclosed or used without your consent. Thus, when accessed and registered on our site, you will be expressing your agreement with the terms stipulated herein.

We are committed to making Users of our websites aware of their information collected, processed, stored and used, in order to provide them with a better browsing experience. For this purpose, we present our Privacy Policy, which aims to clarify the use of this information. By visiting our websites and registering to receive commercial contact, contract some of our services or to access and receive our technical content, you (User) formally accept and agree to the practices described in this Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy covers all ICTS websites and complies with the provisions of Law No. 12,965 of April 23, 2014, referred to as "Marco Civil da Internet" or "MCI", with Law No. of 2018, referred to as the "General Law for the Protection of Personal Data" or "LGPD", all of which are committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of their Users' data and information.

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, "personal data" means information about an identified or identifiable individual, such as their name or email address and includes "personal data" as defined by the European Union"s General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") and "personal information" as defined by the California Consumer Privacy Act ("CCPA"). Some information that is automatically disclosed to us or collected by us through your use of our Services meets this definition.


In order to improve the quality of navigation and functionality of the website, VEE CODE PLATFORM collects statistical and analytical information, generally linked to technical aspects or related to navigation on the website. Data can be collected and stored through cookies – text files containing identifying information that are stored on your computer – server scripts (PHP, ASP, etc.) and client (javascript) scripts or third-party tools. Although cookies are not harmful to your equipment, the user is free to refuse their use, simply by accessing the settings of their browser (browser), as well as preventing the execution of javascript.

1.1- Cookies and Web Beacons are also used to store various information such as your personal preferences. You can disable your cookies in your browser options or in your antivirus, however this setting may change the way you access and interact with our sites and systems.

1.2- All personal information provided is transmitted using SSL encryption, thus avoiding any risk of data interception, the storage is carried out on a server specially developed to guarantee the necessary security for your data.

1.3- Cookies for remarketing: This website uses cookies, which, based on the pages you visit, keep a record of the products or services you may be interested in. Through these cookies and with the tools of the Google advertising network (Google Analytics), we can show you ads on other websites that are part of the Google advertising network with products and services that you may be interested in. This technique is called "remarketing". These cookies do not contain any personal data.


The data collected can be used to complete the purchase process, fulfill the obligations arising from the use of our services and products, respond to your requests and questions, keep the registration updated for the purpose of contacting you by phone and among other means, promoting our services and products, inform about news, content, purpose and other events relevant to maintenance.

We may change the content of this Privacy Policy at any time, according to the purpose or need, such as for legal adequacy and compliance with a provision of law or rule that has equivalent legal force, and it is up to our USER to verify it whenever accessing the Our site.