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Terms Of Service


These Terms and Conditions ("Terms") define "VeeCode Platform" (or "Platform") as the collection of tools, including (and not limited to) source code, code generators, accelerators, developer portals, pipeline definitions, command line interfaces, documentation, practices, reference architectures and other artifacts, open-sourced or not, that compose our products, governing their access and use.

The "Terms" also collectively defines (governing access to and use) our services ("Services"), including (and not limited to) "Platform" support, generic technical support, our websites (and all support channels), support levels, support content and knowledge base, community channels, community content and events.

Individuals or entities that use our "Platform" and/or our "Services" will be collectively referred as "Customers" or "Users" (sometimes "you" or "your"). In specific situations (as defined below) they may be referred to as "Subscribers" or "Members".

By using our "Platform" and/or our "Services" you are accepting these "Terms" as a binding contract, whether or not being a paying customer or member, whether as an individual or an entity you represent.

If you do not agree to these "Terms" or any other rules and conditions here described then you may not use, access or copy any of the "Services" or "Platform".



1.1 - These Terms are expected to be revised and changed with time and without notice. The current Terms will be always available online (URL).

1.2 - We will do our best to notify you in advance of meaningful changes, especially when affecting price and scope, but you are expected to check them regularly by yourself.

1.3 - If you do not agree to these Terms at any time, you can terminate them and cease to use both "Platform" and "Services".

1.4 -If you continue to use "Platform" or "Services" after a revision you are bound to the new Terms.


2.1 - VeeCode Platform Subscription: access to 10 monthly support calls, with a maximum of 2 simultaneous, access to our community and support channels, asset library (under construction) and includes your choice forStandard Support (no extra charge) orEnterprise Support (for an extra cost dealing directly with us).

2.2 - Standard Support: best-effort support with 1-business day SLA.

2.3 - Enterprise Support: same day response, 24/7 support, with customizable adjustments with the customer. Agreement being marketed via direct contact..

2.4 - This document also includes specific Service Terms that provide more detail for such services.


3.1 - A "Customer" means an entity (and its representatives) acquiring a VeeCode Platform Subscription, bound to the Terms here documented and responsible for naming the active "Users" under this subscription (and also the "Administrative Users").

3.2 - An "User" (or "member") is an authorized user under an active "Subscription", with access to the "Platform" (in the form of - and not restricted to - assets, code, documents, portals and tools) and "Services" (in the form of - and not restricted to - support portals, community forums and knowledge base).

3.3 - An "Administrative Users" is an "User" allowed to add or remove "Users" covered by a valid "Subscription", restricted to the limited number of users specified by the subscription.

3.4 - Users that exceed the subscription amount can be purchased through the platform itself.


4.1 - When signing up for the Services on the website the customer will opt for a support plan and fees, choosing monthly or annual payment.

4.2 - An approved order for a subscription will charge your credit card and begin a "Service Year" (or just "year").

4.3 - The minimal duration for a subscription (and support plan) is 12 months (an entire service year). As an exception to this rule, a new customer has the option to cancel the subscription (and to be refunded) until 15 days after starting the first service year.

4.4 - All orders are subject to approval from VeeCode. In the event of a rejection, charges received will be refunded within 7 days.

4.5 - An alternative payment method can be used, if both parties agree on written terms: VeeCode can invoice the customer for 1 (one) service year upfront, and payment can be done by wire transfer (up to 7 days).

4.6 - Failure to charge credit cards (and to pay invoices) will result in blocked access to services. This will not affect open-sourced components nor any asset created or generated with the platform tools.


5.1 - At the end of the service year renewal is automatic unless the subscription has been canceled. Price changes will take effect on renewal.

5.2 - Automatic renewal can be avoided by canceling the subscription at least 30 days prior to the end of service year.

5.3 - Renewal starts a new service year under the current subscription.

5.4 - Support level can be upgraded at any time during a service year. In this case a pro-rata (proportional) value will be charged upfront.

5.5 - Support level can be downgraded at any time during a service year, but this will only take effect on the next service year. Current support level will remain active until the end of the service year, but on renewal the new support level will become active (and charged accordingly).

5.6 - A subscription (and its associated services) can be terminated at any time by both parties without previous notice or motive. Services and subscription will remain active (and charged) until the end of the current service year and will not be renewed.

5.7 - A subscription can be terminated at any time (and services interrupted) on failure to pay the amount owed according to the active subscription. You will still owe the remaining service year, and services will be continued once payment is received.

5.8 - A terminated subscription does not affect the right to use the open-sourced components of the "Platform" or any other component freely available for non-subscribers. It also does not affect the rights of any artifacts generated by the platform and its tools.


6.1 - The "Platform" is composed of many third-party products in addition to products developed by us.

6.2 - The "Platform" contains tools that aid deployment automation of these products with pre-configured and opinionated setups. Such configurations are expected to be verified and tested by customers according to their needs.

6.3 - The "Platform" also delivers tools for code generation and such code is expected to be manipulated and tested by the customer.

6.4 - Our "Services" include "best effort" support, as defined in Service Terms.

6.5 - Therefore under no circumstances and in no event "we" (our company or its affiliates, employees, directors, agents, successors) will be liable for any damages (of any kind) or lost profits. By using our platform or services in any way, whether being an active subscriber or not, you agree to this limitation and to all "Terms".


7.1 - The "Platform" is composed of many third-party products in addition to products developed by us. All the third party products are used, downloaded and configured as permitted by their creators.

7.2 - Some of our products are explicitly open-sourced, and governed by a specific license (you should refer to a LICENSE file versioned with the source code). Unless otherwise mentioned, you are free to use, redistribute and modify them in the ways allowed by the LICENSE.

7.3 - The platform can be used to generate source code in a number of ways. You are the owner of all code you generate, as well of any code you write along with the generated code. You are free to use, reuse and distribute these source files as you please.

7.4 - We remain the owners of our source code (such as our templates used in code generation). You cannot claim ownership of them, but this does not affect the files generated by you when using the platform - those are yours, whether you are a subscriber or not.

7.5 - An active subscription to the platform and services will provide access to restricted documents, code examples, support systems and other assets. The authorized users from a customer are allowed to make copies of these assets for personal and work use, but are not allowed to redistribute, sell or publish them. This is strictly under fair use - copies made by crawlers and bots are considered an abuse of this right and a violation of these terms.

7.6 - If you voluntarily contribute to our platform source code by doing pull requests (or other forms of code submission) we will own this submission.


1.1 - An active subscription provides access to restricted assets and to services, including support services. These are always subject to the General Terms in addition to the terms in this section.

1.2 - Service renewal or termination is governed by the terms in Renewal, Upgrade & Termination.


2.1 - Content access: documents, videos, code examples, code templates, knowledge base and other assets will be available to users under an active subscription.

2.2 - Community channels: users will have access to closed communities and forums restricted to active subscribers. In these channels users are free to ask for guidance, help each other and build a community. We will regularly have staff on these channels as well, both to contribute and to moderate discussions.

2.3 - Support channels: users will be able to file support cases through specific channels available. Such channels will be explained and provisioned during customer onboarding.

2.4 - Support channels: customers will choose support level when subscribing. Support can be upgraded or downgraded, as explained in Renewal, Upgrade & Termination. Current support levels are &quote;Standard&quote; (1 business day SLA) and &quote;Enterprise&quote; (same day response).

2.5 - Best effort: support is provided in a "best-effort" way, where we will do our best to respond to cases within the SLA limits. This may be affected by a few factors, such as a large volume of support requests on the same day or national holidays.

2.6 - Support tooling: support will be greatly enhanced if our tools, assets and automations were used when provisioning infrastructure, when generating source code and when configuring cloud environments. We will also provide tools to facilitate diagnostics, monitoring and troubleshooting. You are expected (but not obliged) to deploy, configure and use such tools, for they were designed to reduce both support friction and time to resolve issues.

2.7 - Support vs Consulting: support is about pointing out misconfiguration issues, identifying or fixing bugs, troubleshooting, reviewing code and answering general questions. Standard Support, on the other hand, isn't consulting: we are not a team to be allocated to do your job. At standard you have access to 10 monthly support calls, with a maximum of 2 simultaneous, with the possibility of not using the total number of support tickets and exchanging them for synchronous meeting sessions to solve specific problems

2.8 - At Enterprise Support, you will have access to our platform with specialized professionals that will build the technical scope of the solution during the onboarding session with you, and will help your team to execute this scope, besides mentoring sessions, pair programming and auditing the execution of the roadmap of the planned solution;

2.9 - Our Standard Support service will operate from 9am to 6pm in the GMT-3 time zone.